Dr Happy Sithole



Sithole is the director of the Centre for High Performance Computing at the CSIR. He completed his PhD in materials science, focusing on electronic and atomistic simulation of iron sulphides, at the University of Limpopo. He has applied high-performance computing to solve problems in mining industries and nuclear power plant designs. Sithole also sits on the steering committees of high-performance computing meetings in Germany, Russia and Singapore. He is the Chairperson of the ICT Committee of the National Library Board.

About the talk:

High-performance computing is a tool that can be used by industries to accelerate the route from concept to product. It affords them a competitive advantage through the use of virtual prototypes. Industries all over the world have started using high-performance computing. With the emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence in big data analysis, high-performance computing is gaining traction, especially in newly-emerging industries. This talk will focus on the CSIR’s high-performance computing offerings and its role in industrial development.