6th CSIR Conference: Day 2

08:30 Industrial innovation and industry 4.0 Janeen Uzzell
09:00 Staying ahead: Driving and implementing technology evolution Dr Jean Marc Nasr
09:30 Shaping the future of production: Country-readiness and social impact
10:00 Tea break

Session chair: Hina Patel, Executive Director: CSIR Meraka Institute

10:30 Digitalisation in South Africa: Opportunities and challenges
11:00 Consumer credit, big data: What this mean for businesses Wendy Dent
11:30 CSIR research, development and innovation in information and communications technology as an enabler for industrial development Dr Quentin Williams
12:00 Panel discussion: Where should research and development focus to support South Africa in participating in the 4th industrial revolution?
12:30 Session ends

Session chair: Hina Patel, Executive Director: CSIR Meraka Institute

14:30 Reimagining industrial development in the digital age Hans Zachar
15:00 A strategic perspective on leading global technology developments in pursuit of digitalisation for industrial development
15:30 The CSIR and bringing smart systems to industry Lee Annamalai
16:00 Panel discussion: What are the technologies that are driving the 4th Industrial revolution? From a digital perspective, how will industry look like in five years?
16:30 Session ends

Session chair: Martin Sanne, Executive Director: CSIR Materials Science ans Manufacturing

10:30 How the next industrial revolution will reshape South African manufacturing Johann du Toit
11:00 Driving the digital enterprise in product development and manufacturing Ralf Leinen
11:30 CSIR research and development in emerging manufacturing technologies Dr Neil Trollip
12:00 Panel discussion: How far away is the next industrial revolution and how proactive do South African manufacturers need to be? What are the short term changes that our industry needs to make to be fully prepared for this new manufacturing paradigm?
12:30 Session ends
12:40 Tour to the Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre
12:40 Tour to the CSIR National Laser Centre

Session chair: Barlow Manilal, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Innovation Agency

14:30 International collaboration tools for industrial development Dan Nagy
15:00 The impact of advanced manufacturing technologies: An SMME perspective Peter Erasmus
15:30 The contribution of high-performance computing and modelling for industrial development Dr Happy Sithole
16:00 Panel discussion: Automation and robotics technologies are seen in some quarters to take away jobs - panellists are invited to share their views.
16:30 Session ends

Session chair: Dr Jackie Phahlamohlaka, Competence Area Manager: Command, Control and Information Warfare, CSIR

10:30 Insider threats to cyber security Darshan Lakha
10:50 Banking sector threats and response Paul Strauss
11:10 The role of the Cybersecurity Hub in supporting industry
11:30 CSIR work on improving cybersecurity for the South African industry Dr Barend Taute
11:50 Panel discussion: Is the South African industry prepared for the threats in cyberspace? What is lacking? What research, development and innovation is needed beyond current solutions?
12:30 Session ends

Session chair: Dr Barend Taute, Manager: Information and Communications Technology Contract Research and Development, CSIR Meraka Institute

14:30 Cyber 4.0 - The evolution of cybercrime Kovelin Naidoo
14:50 The security of embedded devices and Internet of Things security from an industry perspective Jaco Botha
15:10 Video killed the radio stars Aubrey Swanepoel
15:30 CSIR research and development aimed at enabling industry 4.0 from a cybersecurity perspective Dr Jabu Mtsweni
15:50 Panel discussion: What are the critical needs for cyber readiness and resilience in Industry4.0? What radically new approaches or technologies are available or needed?
16:30 Session ends

Session chair: Marie Botha, Key Accountant Manager: Aerospace Industry Support Initiative, CSIR

10:30 The importance of international cooperation towards mutual benefit Dr Jean Marc Nasr
11:00 Accessing global aerospace supply chains from South Africa Jay Isaac
11:30 CSIR research and development in aerospace
12:00 Panel discussion: How do we see the role of aerospace companies in support of industrial development in SA?
12:30 Session ends

Session chair: Riaan Coetzee, Competence Area Manager: Mechatronics and Micromanufacturing, CSIR

14:30 Innovating transformative medical devices and growing the local medical device manufacturing sector Dr Tony Bunn
14:55 Industry and funding challenges: Playing for both teams Pieter de Beer
15:20 CSIR research, development and innovation initiatives for the medical device and diagnostic industry Dr Busisiwe Vilakazi
15:45 Panel discussion: How to stimulate the growth on the local devices and diagnostics manufacturing sector
16:30 Session ends

Session chair: Marius Claassen, Research Group Leader: Resource-specific Scientific Measures, CSIR

10:30 Industrial symbiosis - a means to power regional growth and the green transition Dr Per Møller
11:00 Simultaneous energy and water optimisation in design, synthesis and optimisation of chemical plants Prof. Thokozani Majozi
11:30 Understanding the trade-offs between development and resources
12:00 Panel discusion
12:30 Session ends

Session chair: Prof May Hermanus, Executive Director, CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment
Water and industrial development: More water needed, less water available

14:30 Water, job creation, industrial development and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Africa Alex Simalabwi
14:55 Planning for water infrastructure to support industrial development: The Coega Special Economic Zone - Spatial Planning to support water demand for long-term growth and short-term demand Graham Taylor
15:20 CSIR technologies and interventions to maximise the availability of water for scenarios of industrial growth Dr Harrison Pienaar
15:45 Panel discussion: Does the importance of water receive adequate attention in South Africa's industrial development agenda? How do we sharpen this focus?
16:30 Session ends