Dr Paul Jourdan

Acting CEO: Mining Equipment Manufacturing of South Africa



Jourdan is an African integrated development expert specialising in resource-based and spatial development strategies. He has wide experience working on economic growth and development in the Southern African Development Community, West and East Africa. He spent 16 years in Mozambique and Zimbabwe during the struggle against apartheid, working as a geologist, geophysicist and minerals economist, before returning to South Africa in 1991. Subsequently, he worked for the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African government in various positions including as the ANC’s Minerals and Energy Policy Coordinator, President of Mintek, and Deputy Director-General in the Department of Trade and Industry. He was a major contributor to the African Union’s “Africa Mining Vision” (2009) and “Country Mining Vision” (2014). He currently chairs or sits on the board of three economic development agencies, and participates in tertiary education through short lecture series and post-grad supervision. Currently he mostly advises on resource-based equitable growth and mineral value chains. He has a BSc (Geology), a BA (African government), a PGDip (Geophysics), two MSc’s (Mineral Economics) and a PhD (Politics).