Nigel Rossouw

Environmental Planner Shell Integrated Gas



Rossouw is the environmental planner for Shell South Africa Integrated Gas and holds a Master’s degree in Physical Geography from the University of the Western Cape and is currently completing a PhD focusing on environmental social and governance risks of large infrastructure projects. Rossouw has more than 20 years’ experience, predominantly in the planning and implementation of large infrastructure projects. He worked at the CSIR for eight years as an environmental scientist and received the “Most Promising Young Scientist Award in 1997” and the “CSIR Achiever of the Year Award in 2002”. Rossouw previously served as the president of the South African affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment and was a board member of the Certification Board of the Environmental Assessment Practitioners of South Africa.

Rossouw has authored a World Bank best practice report, published six peer reviewed scientific papers, five book chapters, three professional guidance documents for the South African Department of Environmental Affairs, and five popular articles in non-technical magazines (such as Africa Geographic and Civil Engineering).